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CONTENTS --- Quick Review

How to use it with laptop or desktop computer?
How to use it with android phone?
How to use it with I-phone?
Technical Parameter
Packing List
About power-saving mode
Trouble shooting
About laser head
Customer works

   Welcome to use Model: DK-BL Laser Engraving Machine Course. It is recommended to use the computer browser to watch.
   DK-BL is a portable micro engraving machine designed for android phone\laptop\desktop (winXp,7,8,10)\ I-phone. It can be used along with the laptop without extra power supply. It’s definitely Portable that only with a phone to control the operation, wherever you can use it without any extra power supply.

How to use it with laptop or desktop computer?

Step 1: Preparation

We will use the gray cardboard to carve as an example to explain, please follow below work instructions.
1. Ready a desktop computer or laptop computer (computer operating system requirements is any of Win-XP SP3, window 7, win8, win10);
2. Open the packing box. Remove the wrapping tape and pearl cotton from the machine;
3. Copy the CD or SD card files to the desktop, unzip the package to desktop. Or simply download the application from the trusfer.com Web site, unzip the package, and follow the instructions contained in the Electronic-manual on trusfer.com
4. Turn on the power switch behind the machine, the machine will automatically reset and make the detection.
If the reset function disable, it might root cause to machine in dormant stage or low power. Please charge the machine for 30minutes or press the red button on the top of machine to recover.
5. Adjust the focal length of the laser, factory default settings the focal length of the gray cardboard, there is no need to do any adjustment. If you need to carve the object in different thickness, you need to place the object in the engraving platform and adjust the focus manually, during the first operation, it is recommended to use a gray cardboard (in the package list) to carve.
The method of adjust the focal length as follow:
a: Fix the object on the surface of loading table make sure it’s non-slip,
b. put on the focusing glasses till you can see a bright dot.
c. Rotate the focus head manually, shown in figure:
Adjust the focus till the bright dot down to the surface in the smallest. (The smallest the bright dot, the more accurate and curing quality is. If the focal length is not adjusted well, we can’t get any image after curving) (Note: When rotate to the left, the head will likely out of its range, it's suggested to make both right and left rotation till find the focus. when the focusing surface is uneven or astigmatism, can take the gray cardboard, placing on the object surface, to help focusing.)

Step 2: Connect to computer

As shown in the picture: connect the data cable to the computer USB port; (make sure the power and data transfer function of the computer USB is normal)
After the connection, the machine will detect the edge distance automatically , and then start the following step. smile

Step 3: Install the driver

It is recommended that you use the computer login URL: trusfer.com to download installation package. Install the driver first, then install the software, drive and software for windows,click me download!
as shown below, after completing installation click the confirm bottom, and then close the installation window: smile

Step 4: Start the software

A.If your computer system is win8 or win10, Please open the software directly.
The software will connect to the machine automatically. You can select your favorite Language via “language option bar”
B. If your computer system is win XP SP3 or win7, and when you start the software, appear such a prompt (see below) please install the .net framework 4.0.
This is because the software developed base on Microsoft Net 4.0 platform. Win 8 and Win 10 are already installed, no need to repeat. But if your computer is XP SP1 or SP2 the .net 4.0 framework may not be able to support. If there’s TF card or CD in the packages, Please copy to the desktop and extract it into desktop. Do not open the software again and again. Otherwise the software will not be able to connect to the machine.
.net framework 4.0 click me download. or download from microsoft.com. (recommend)Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)
.net 4.0 Supported Operating System:
C. Try to type some text
Enter "my test", you can select "font", select the font and the font size, and then click "insert", click the middle of the software area, then insert the text to print the area;
You also can drag a jpg picture to here.
D. Setting and Start
As shown above, Please follow below steps to experience those function
Step1. Insert text, or drag into a JPG image of 550x550 pixels.
Step2. After edited, send pictures to the machine.
Step3. Positioning function: any point positioning, to the middle of the image, box positioning
Step4. Move the engraving position
Step5. Adjust the ignition time, it is recommended to adjust the time about 40 for the first time using. Rotate the control to the left is to shorten the ignition time, the shorter the time is, the lighter the caving depth is. vice versa.
Step.6 Start carving
Now, it’s time to start your first work.

How to use it with android phone

Step1: Prepare!

>> Obtain a android phone with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher version.
>> Open the packaging, remove the fixed tape and pearl cotton on the machine.
>> Turn on the machine back power switch, At this point, the machine will do an automatic detection.if you turn on the bottom the machine not do an automatic detection, it maybe The machine have been dormant, this moment, press the red bottom(At the top of the machine)to wake up the machine, If the reset function disable, it might root cause to machine in dormant stage or low power. Please charge the machine for 30minutes or press the red button on the top of machine to recover.
>> Adjust the focal length of the laser, factory default settings the focal length of the gray cardboard, there is no need to do any adjustment. If you need to carve the object in different thickness, you need to place the object in the engraving platform and adjust the focus manually, when in the first operation, it is recommended to use a gray cardboard (in the package list) to carve;
The method of adjust the focal length as follow:
Fixed the surface of the carved objects at the level of the bearing table, put on the focusing glasses( sent in random) (maybe will not adapt it at the beginning, just to be used as focus),rotate the focus head manually, shown in figure:

Step 2: Download Android APP

Three methods:
a.Click download:
b.Scan download:
Scan download
c.Scan user manual download: smile
Open bluetooth function in you phone "Setting":
Open software,and choose the device:
If the connection is successful, The blue light on the back of the motherboard will light up, and the software will show the connection successful and display the power:
Edit the content
select pictures from the phone folder, take photos, or edit content:
Now we choose a picture、 click "OK" 、 choose a efect(Software provides 2 image algorithms. One is to maintain the image of the original appearance , It's suitable for the photo with good shot. The other is for taking photo. You can choose whatever effect you want)、 Click send photos to the machine and wait about 20 seconds, The blue light indicator at the side of the machine side be on, that means the photo is being transmitted. .
the transmission light,Do not take the phone away during transmission!
Control and Start:

How to use it with I-phone

This app for I-phone not yet perfect, since the compatibility issue btw Apple APP and bluethooth4.0.it will take longer time during Image transmission time (about 2 minutes). So we don’t recommend transmit images using I-phone curving.
Step1. Preparation
Prepare a ios9.0 or higher version mobile phone;
Set the machine into a standby mode, the method is same as the previous (reference page pc and android)
Step2: Download the software and turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone
2-1. Apple Store search "NEJE", download and install
2-2. Turn on the Bluetooth function from the mobile phone system "Settings"
Step3. Run the software
As shown above
3-1., "Search" search machine, and make connection
3-2., "Photo" choose one of your pictures from the album, or take pictures, the software will default to cut into 550x550 pixels;
3-3., "Effect" software provides an image processing algorithm
3-4., "Send" send pictures to the machine, the time in 2-4 minutes, the function is not perfect, you can also skip directly to step5.
3-5., "Controller" control interface, positioning function, position adjustment, ignition timing adjustment, start engraving.

Technical Parameter

Size: 15.7x14.7x20cm
Communication Interface: USB2.0 + Bluetooth 4.0BLE
Weight: 1.6kg
Input Voltage: 5V 0.45A / 1A
battery capacity: 6000mAh polymer li-ion battery
Laser Diode: Nichia 405nm NDV4642
Discharge efficiency: 3.7V 4A
Laser temperature: 25℃ - 45℃
Image Size: 550x550 pixels(0.075x550=41.25mm) 350dpi
Supported image formats : .jpg
Supported System: Win Xp\7\8\10, Android4.0 , IOS
Engrave Mode: Bitmap carving
Certificate: CE,FCC,FDA
Objective engraving material: "Smooth, Organic, opaque, Non- flame- retardant material For example: Wood, Gray cardboard, bamboo, Leather etc.
Unsuitable engraving material: " Those material unable to burn &focus" For example: Pure metal(without coating), transparent plastic, White paper(Astigmatic),PP plastic etc.


1 Multi-Function Button Press 1: Box Positioning
Press 2: Start
Press 3: Pause
2 Signal Light Red: Power
Yellow: Battery Capacity (Flash 4-100%; flash3-75%; Flash2-50%; Flash1-25%)
Blue: Data
3 Cooling Fan Cooling down the laser energy(heat)
4 USB Data Port Power charge and transfer data
5 Set Screws*2 Fix the laser stand on the radiator
6 Power Switch Turns unit on/off
7 Bluetooth Light Indication of Bluetooth connection
8 Focusing Lens Adjust the focal length

Packing List

1-4 wrapping tape and pearl cotton Remove all the tape and pearl cotton to start the machine
5 5. DLC x 1 Power charge and transmit data
6 Wood slice x 2 Test sample
7 CD x 1 .net framework installer package, drive, software, image, etc.
8 gray cardboard x 2 Test sample
9 Glasses x 1 Support the focusing activity
10 Wood brick x 1 test sample
11 User manual x 1 Standard Operation instruction
12 L wrench x 1 For de-cap the machine cover to replace Laser head.
13 Whiteboard pen x 1 To black the surface of transparent material before engraving

About power-saving mode

To save power, the machine will enter into power-saving mode after 10 minutes without any operation. Only press on the switch button (behind the machine), it will recover and reset automatically. If the reset function disabled, please press there red button on the top of machine to make it reset.

Trouble shooting

1-- Unable to connect to Software how to deal with this situation? smile
The software stays in waiting mode for 5 potential reasons:
A. Whether the drive is successfully installed
How to determine whether to install a drive successfully:
Plug the USB data line into the computer USB interface.
Click on the computer - my computer - Property - Device Manager - port, if you can find the CH340 port, indicating that the computer has identified the machine, drive installation successfully.
B. USB data line is out of function
B-1. Computer USB interface has bad contact. You can try to replace the computer USB interface, or replace the computer
B-2. Data line is defect. Replace a data line
C. If the machine is turned off, or dormant, computer can not recognize the machine as well. In this case ,you need to re-boot the machine . The method is: Press on the small red button behind the machine, or press on the red button on the top of the machine to finish the booting. The machine will automatically reset the laser under weak light condition, enter the standby mode. If it is low power, Please charge the machine for 30minutes firstly.
D. Open the software repeatedly. If you open the software without closing it, then open the software again. There will be out of connection. In this case, turn off all the software and re-open the software.
E. You'd tried above all and still failed. Please turn off the machine and the computer again. This may be that the system has not yet accepted the new driver and needs to restart the computer.

2--Can not search the machine with cell phone?
A. Ensures Bluetooth enabled for mobile phone system
B. Turns off the app software and start it again. Possibly the Bluetooth signal is cached by another phone to cause the signal receiving failure.
C. The machine is out of power. Restart the machine.
D. After 30 minutes charging, the machine is out of power

3-- With I-phone, the transmission time is so long.
Since the program base on Bluetooth 4.0BLE and apple mobile data transmission is very slow. It takes about 2-4 minutes. It is recommended that data be transmitted using Android phones while Apple phone can be used as controls.

4-- The machine works, but it doesn't carved out
Mainly root cause to below few aspects:
A. If the material is suitable for carving. Like the stone, pure metal, transparent, light, adding flame retardant materials of plastics are not suitable for carving. And if material is white, since there is some degree of astigmatism, figure carving effect might not be good either.
B. If the object is placed flat enough. If the surface of the object is uneven, or there're a lot of voids, this material is not suitable for engraving
C. If the object is well fixed. If the object has not been fixed by the rubber band or silica gel pad, it is very easy to make the engraving picture position deviated during engraving.
D. If the focus is well adjusted. The essence of the engraving machine is to focus the image by heat treatment, so you must well focus the laser to produce enough burning power.
E. If ignition timing is set properly. If the ignition time is too fast, it may cause un-complete burning in such a short time.
F. laser tube may burn out. There's life span for the laser tube, if it had been overload used, poor PM or even careless operation may finally lead to laser tubes burned.

5-- Why does the machine keep hitting a straight line?
The chassis is driven by a stepper motor. If the weight of the load is too heavy, the motor will not be able to complete the drive. Please reduce the weight of the engraving object.

6--The machine driver is broken, what should I do?
The product parts can be found at the official website www.trusfer.com replacement, please make sure you have practical ability to replace it on your own. Or you should go to repair centre.

7--How to fix the engraved objects?
1. Use the rubber band (sent in random);
2. Place the silicone pad on the bottom plate and place the object directly on the silicone pad (recommended) as shown below (the black silicone pad sent in random):
3. The user designs the card slot on his own.

8—How to do when it can not focus on?
There are 4 potential reasons listed as below:
A. Object has been placed beyond the scope of the machine can focus. Normally, the laser tube focus range is around 5cm diameter on in the bottom plate .
B. The object is transparent, unable to focus. In this case, you can use the whiteboard pen to turn the object surface to black to support focusing. Then wipe it up after curving.
C. If the material is a little transparent, you can use gray cardboard to cover on the object's surface to support the focus adjustment.
D. Laser tube light attenuation, poor spot may also lead to non focus

9--How many pictures can the machine store?
It can store only one picture that last sent to the machine;

10---How to choose engraving position?
Firstly, place the object to the middle of the bottom board.
The software provides 3 positioning tools:
10-1. Point positioning,
10-2. Position in the middle of the image,
10-3. Box positioning, can preview the engraving position in advance. Together with the direction key control, the control of any position can be realized.

11---How to set the depth of carving?
The depth of carving is determined by two factors:
1.Whether the focal length is fine;
2.Set the burning time (the longer time, the greater the depth, the slower the time)

12—what could I do if there’s no power during engraving?
There's memory function in engraving machine. If power shortage, you can stop it, and continue the engraving from breakpoint after charging.

13---What to do if the focusing glasses is rickety and loosen?
The lenses are fixed by the spring with which during caving, there'll be enough power to support the stability lenses. And such level of rickety will not influent to the carving quality .And in order to ensure the focusing process can be relatively simple, focusing ring slot has been designed with specific tolerance and margin. If you accidentally drop the lenses, you can re-spring it in.

14--- If you want to have a high quality level of engraving effect?
The effect of engraving is determined by many comprehensive factors:
A. The properties of material itself
B. focal length
C. ignition time
D. If operate conform to the imaging principle: If the object has been placed flat enough, does it affect machine work?
Keep study, and master the knowledge slowly to complete the DIY, finally you can get what you want.

About laser head

Solid laser head
There's life span for the laser head , and laser type normally are CO2, Multimode high power laser, small solid-state laser, Our DK-BL uses Nichia blue 405nm single-mode laser diode, the official service life is 10000 hours, the normal use in about 3 months -1 years, but it's also closely related to how you use it .(main factors include : The temperature, time intensity, current, voltage, anti static treatment, adverse rate etc. )The laser module quality control technology

Laser module quality control process
The laser modules used by Our DK-BL is the best one that with constant current drive modules, along with a stable cooling system. And every single-mode module has being through 3 hours aging tested. and are well packaged before outgoing. So the machine that every user received had PASS a serial of reliability test. but even so, there may be 0.05% chance that the machine you receive may have the laser durability problem. In this case, please confirm within 3 days, and feed back to the dealer, we can arrange replacement for you for free.

What about the laser head life?
There’s service life for all laser products, the laser tube official life is 100,000 hours, but the actual life will depends on actual usage. In general, 3 Month - 1 year, or may be many years.

How to maintain a laser head?
T o protect the laser’ life, we suggest not use the machine more than 30 Minutes /time.

How to judge the laser head burned?
1.When the machine is working, the light was significantly weakened.
2.When the machine is working, the light scattered, unable to focus and the light weakened.
3.The burning time, Carving material, focal length all ok, but can't burn out the object.

Where to buy a new laser head for the machine?
Buy from the seller or buy from www.trusfer.com

How to replace the laser head?
Step1: use the L wrench Screw the screws on the back of the machine and open the back of panel.
Step2: use the L wrench Screw the screws on the radiator. and replace the laser tube.

Why the laser head focusing lens slightly twisted?
In order to ensure that the focusing lens and the optical port directly to the manual and flexible focus, and not designed very tight, but the middle of the support spring enough to support the focus lens in the course of the movement does not appear any shaking.


1.Our machine certified to CE\FCC \FDA certification, the radiation values far below the EU and the United States standards, You may rest assured to use
2.Our machine laser energy is not that huge enough to damage you if hand or other part of body stay in the curving scope accidentally during curving, but, you’d better be careful since it’s abnormal operation of machine. We can’t assure it’s no harm definitely.
3.Do not take out the laser head, and exposure to body!
4.Do not use in where the children can touch!
5.Keep away from flammable and explosive materials!
6.There’s an emergency pause button designed on the top of machine that can be used in an emergency!


● To ensure that the motor drive clean.
● If you don't use it for a long time, wrap it up as best as possible and avoid dust affecting machine performance.
● Put it in a safe place to avoid dropping.
● ESD-proof for the machine to prevent ESD destroy the laser.

Customer works

Statement: works from customers, copyright owned by the customer!
engraved and fill in paint 1-- Author: Yun-Fan
engraved and fill in paint 2-- Author: Yun-Fan
Portrait of people
Float - Author: Yu-Jin
Personality key bag
Engraved stamp

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